[Bug 360] tests fail on linux- and rtai-3.5

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Target Milestone|--- |1.2.1
Resolution| |FIXED

------- Comment #2 from peter [dot] soetens [..] ... 2007-06-22 14:01

This bug report captured 3 bugs:
1. Rounding errors in time algorithms in RTAI > 3.3
==> be more permissive in EPSILON (tolerance value).
2. CANNOT INIT LXRT Thread TimerThreadInstance
==> User bug, set LXRT_SLOTS to 1000
3. [CRITICAL][/src/rtt/build-lxrt/tests/task-test::main()] The
TimerThreadInstance thread seems to be blocked ( ret was 65534 .)
==> I discovered that the return values for rt_sem_wait_timed/_until
changed from RTAI 3.3 to RTAI 3.4. We detect the version and interprete the
results according to that version. This fixes that bug for RTAI 3.4/3.5.

1. is fixed on trunk/rtt on r28354.
3. is fixed on trunk/rtt on r28355.

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