On Friday 14 September 2007 12:06:37 tico wrote:
> Hello, which is the difference between the taskbrowser and
> localclient-0.8.0? Thanks

First, the localclient-0.8.0 is only for older Orocos versions and will not
work with Orocos RTT 1.x versions.

You can use the 'ktaskbrowser' 1.x if you want to use a KDE based GUI for your
components. The ktaskbrowser is a stand alone program which connects over
CORBA to a component. This requires Orocos RTT and OCL to be compiled with
CORBA support.

You can use the 'TaskBrowser' component from OCL v0.4.x if you want to add a
text-based taskbrowser into your application, as a console based interface to
your components. Most Orocos examples use this component.

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