use of different emulators with different boards in it


We work with different emulators and also with different boards inside it. Of course we want to have as much code in common as possible. For one emulator we make use of a hardware.cpp file where we init the hardware. For the other emulator we make a different hardware6509.cpp file where other hardware boards are initialized. For the components who make use of the hardware.hpp file, we split them up so that we have 2 separate libraries, 1 uses the hardware.hpp file, the other one uses the hardware6509.hpp file.
In the configuration file for the startup of the deployer we specify which components have to be loaded.
In case we use emulator3, we should not be dependant on the hardware.cpp file. However when we have a look at the startup script of the deployer, we get errors. The strange thing is when we change the hardware.cpp file, we get other errors, whereas it should not be dependant on it. The hardware.cpp file is compiled in the build we use, but normally we should not be dependant on it.
Probably there is something going on in Orocos that I am not aware of and that you have to use only one hardware.cpp file and specify which emulator you are working with with compiler flags. If this is the case, do you have an idea of how to do this.
Peter, if you read this and you don't understand it completely, maybe it is better to call me up.