Any takers for the "European Industrial Ethernet Award " with openPOWERLINK...?

I bounced onto this announcement:

With the announcement of the European Industrial Ethernet Awards, B&R
invites guests to partake in the first European university competition of
its kind.
B&R is looking for innovative concepts, creative solutions, practical
applications, and promising scientific research projects from all
disciplines. The only stipulation is that the project must somehow
incorporate POWERLINK technology into its concept. The open source
implementation of openPOWERLINK is perfectly suited for practical

openPOWERLINK is the only Open Source real-time protocol solution based on
standard Ethernet. Not only is the source code available with
openPOWERLINK, but the selected Open Source license model (BSD license)
allows unlimited modification and use in your own applications.
Applications demanding cyclic precision and dynamic reaction can be quickly
and cost-effectively implemented.

Does anyone have experience with this openPOWERLINK...?