The git/svn adventure continues...

For anyone who cloned/will clone my git repository: I had to force-push my
repository because a 'git-svn dcommit' rewrites your local history with the
svn-commits (svn is the true master). I don't know how well cloned
repositories handle this, I'm sorry for the mess, let me know if you have

Also all authoring information is apparantly lost, afer git-svn it always
defaults to me. (git distinguishes between the comitter and the author, svn

From now on, I'll first do 'git-svn dcommit' before I do a 'git push origin' in
order not to break my public git repository...

So my orocos-rtt/master branch is a 1:1 copy of the svn rtt trunk.
I also published Sylvain's (now broken) omniorb-port branch on github.

It's not yet perfect, but at least, I found a working flow now...