Development Plan

(Suggestions for changes to this plan are discussed on the Orocos-dev mailing list.)
The objectives of this plan are to provide:
  1. A clear roadmap for Orocos RTT
  2. Higher-quality releases
  3. Support for more platforms, being Operating Systems, hardware or robot architectures.
  4. Continued encouragement of code improvements
  5. More predictable release schedules
  6. More frequent releases
The Orocos RTT Development Plan consists of a Feature Roadmap, a Development Policy and a Release Policy. The first item describes where we are and where we want to get, while the second tells us how to get there. The Release Policy describes how the results are distributed to the community. To help developers in maintaining their branches, an Orocos branch management document is available.
Feature Roadmap
The feature plan lists projects which are open, in progress and finished and situates them in a (tentative) Orocos RTT release. The projects are managed by our Project database. By clicking on a project, you can see or add comments and investigate its status and dependencies. You are free to add a new project to the database as well. All project related traffic automatically appears on the Orocos-dev mailinglist.
<h3>Orocos RTT Status<h3> <
  • Active Development (mainline is trunk/rtt) will become Orocos RTT 1.10
    Status: Stage 1.
  • Current release series (mainline is trunk/rtt): Orocos RTT 1.8
    Status: Released, Orocos 1.8.2
  • Previous release series (mainline is trunk/rtt): Orocos RTT 1.6
    Status: Released, Orocos 1.6.1
  • Previous release series: Orocos 1.4.1
    Status: This release is no longer maintained. (See: old versions)