Orocos RTT 2.0 Development

This page is for the RTT-2.0 development branch only. This branch is only available on git. There's also a lot of information related to RTT 2.0 on the wiki.
Developers mailinglist
This list has been set up to communicate to all active developers. Ask here your Orocos questions regarding installation problems, code usage, technical matters etc.
Orocos-dev list
RTT Development Plan and Roadmap
The RTT 2.0 Development Plan wiki page collects all information regarding the ongoing development for the 2.0 branch.
Online Code Repository
Orocos is using the Subversion versioning system for development. The released packages on the download page do not need Subversion to work properly.
You can Browse the Orocos sources online.
If you intend to setup a project branch or modify Orocos code, consult the Orocos and git wiki page.
Orocos Bugzilla
Orocos has an online bugs database in which users and developers can report or search for bugs.
Report or search for a bug.
Development Branch Documentation
This table lists the documentation generated from the development tree (orocos-trunk). It is useful for people working on the cutting edge of Orocos. Not everything mentioned here may be present in the current stable release.
Topic Documentation
Getting Started
General Overview ( pdf )
Orocos Installation Manual ( pdf )
Complete API Reference Documentation of classes, namespaces, functions. Online API Reference [ Download ]
Orocos Changes Changes of the main line with respect to the last version. Orocos Changes
Open Realtime Control Services Bundles all framework manuals
Orocos Component Builder's Manual ( pdf )