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Category Class Reference

A real-time capable category. More...

#include <Category.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void log (log4cpp::Priority::Value priority, const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void debug (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void info (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void notice (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void warn (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void error (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void crit (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void alert (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void emerg (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
void fatal (const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
CategoryStream getRTStream (log4cpp::Priority::Value priority)
 Returns a stream-like object into which you can log arbitrary data which supports the operator<<().
bool connectToLogPort (RTT::base::PortInterface &otherPort)
 Connect otherPort to log_port.

Static Public Member Functions

static log4cpp::Category * createOCLCategory (const std::string &name, log4cpp::Category *parent, log4cpp::Priority::Value priority)
 Factory function for log4cpp::HierarchyMaintainer Creates an OCL logging category.

Protected Member Functions

void _logUnconditionally2 (log4cpp::Priority::Value priority, const RTT::rt_string &message) throw ()
 Category (const std::string &name, log4cpp::Category *parent, log4cpp::Priority::Value priority=log4cpp::Priority::NOTSET)
virtual void callAppenders (const OCL::logging::LoggingEvent &event) throw ()
 Send event to all attached appenders.

Static Protected Member Functions

static std::string convertName (const std::string &name)
 Convert name into Orocos notation (e.g.

Protected Attributes

< OCL::logging::LoggingEvent


class OCL::logging::LoggingService
 for access to log_port

Detailed Description

A real-time capable category.

This class uses intentionally private inheritance to hide all functions with std::string in the base class. Only use RTT::rt_string objects.

Definition at line 20 of file Category.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void _logUnconditionally2 ( log4cpp::Priority::Value  priority,
const RTT::rt_string &  message 
) throw () [protected]

Definition at line 87 of file Category.cpp.

void callAppenders ( const OCL::logging::LoggingEvent event) throw () [protected, virtual]

Send event to all attached appenders.

eventThe event of interest
Real-time capable for all attached OCL-configured appenders

Definition at line 108 of file Category.cpp.

References Category::callAppenders().

Referenced by Category::callAppenders().

bool connectToLogPort ( RTT::base::PortInterface &  otherPort)

Connect otherPort to log_port.

Typically used by unit test code to directly syphon off logging events.

true if connected sucessfully, otherwise false
No error is logged if fails to connect

Definition at line 154 of file Category.cpp.

std::string convertName ( const std::string &  name) [static, protected]

Convert name into Orocos notation (e.g.

"org.me.app" -> "org_me_app")

Not real-time capable

Definition at line 124 of file Category.cpp.

log4cpp::Category * createOCLCategory ( const std::string &  name,
log4cpp::Category *  parent,
log4cpp::Priority::Value  priority 
) [static]

Factory function for log4cpp::HierarchyMaintainer Creates an OCL logging category.

Not real-time capable

Definition at line 136 of file Category.cpp.

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