RTT::DataObject< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for RTT::DataObject< T >, including all inherited members.
clone() const RTT::DataObject< T > [inline, virtual]
composeType(DataSourceBase::shared_ptr source)RTT::DataSourceBase
const_ptr typedefRTT::AssignableDataSource< T >
const_reference_t typedef (defined in RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >
copy(std::map< const DataSourceBase *, DataSourceBase * > &) const RTT::DataObject< T > [inline, virtual]
copy_t typedef (defined in RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >
createBlob(int protocol)RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
DataObject(const std::string &_name, const T &initial_value=T())RTT::DataObject< T > [inline]
DataObjectInterface()RTT::DataObjectInterface< T > [inline]
DataSourceBase() (defined in RTT::DataSourceBase)RTT::DataSourceBase
DataType typedefRTT::DataObject< T >
decomposeType(PropertyBag &targetbag)RTT::DataSourceBase
deref() const RTT::DataSourceBase
evaluate() const RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
evaluate() constRTT::DataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
Get(DataType &pull) const RTT::DataObject< T > [inline, virtual]
Get() const RTT::DataObject< T > [inline, virtual]
get() const RTT::DataObjectInterface< T > [inline, virtual]
getBlob(int protocol)RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
getName() const RTT::DataObject< T > [inline, virtual]
getType() const RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
GetType()RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, static]
getTypeInfo() const RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
GetTypeInfo()RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, static]
GetTypeName()RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, static]
getTypeName() const RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
method(int protocol, MethodC *orig, void *arg)RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
narrow(DataSourceBase *db)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T > [inline, static]
param_t typedef (defined in RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >
ref() const RTT::DataSourceBase
refcountRTT::DataSourceBase [mutable, protected]
reference_t typedef (defined in RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >
reset()RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
result_t typedef (defined in RTT::DataSource< T >)RTT::DataSource< T >
rvalue() const RTT::DataObjectInterface< T > [inline, virtual]
server(int protocol, void *data)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
serverProtocol() const RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
set(typename AssignableDataSource< DataType >::param_t t) (defined in RTT::DataObjectInterface< T >)RTT::DataObjectInterface< T > [inline, virtual]
set()RTT::DataObjectInterface< T > [inline, virtual]
RTT::AssignableDataSource::set(param_t t)=0RTT::AssignableDataSource< T > [pure virtual]
Set(const DataType &push)RTT::DataObject< T > [inline, virtual]
setName(const std::string &_name) (defined in RTT::DataObject< T >)RTT::DataObject< T > [inline]
shared_ptr typedefRTT::DataObjectInterface< T >
update(DataSourceBase *other)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
updateBlob(int protocol, const void *data)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
updateCommand(DataSourceBase *other)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T > [inline, virtual]
updated()RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
updatePart(DataSourceBase *part, DataSourceBase *other)RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
updatePartCommand(DataSourceBase *part, DataSourceBase *other)RTT::DataSourceBase [virtual]
value() const RTT::DataObjectInterface< T > [inline, virtual]
value_t typedefRTT::AssignableDataSource< T >
write(std::ostream &os)RTT::DataSourceBase
~AssignableDataSource() (defined in RTT::AssignableDataSource< T >)RTT::AssignableDataSource< T > [inline, protected]
~DataObjectInterface()RTT::DataObjectInterface< T > [inline, virtual]
~DataSource() (defined in RTT::DataSource< T >)RTT::DataSource< T > [inline, protected, virtual]
~DataSourceBase()RTT::DataSourceBase [protected, virtual]
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