RTT_Corba_BufferChannel_i< RTT::detail::UnknownType > Class Template Reference

Specialise for when we really don't know this C++ type. More...

#include <rtt/corba/DataFlowI.h>

Inherits POA_RTT::Corba::BufferChannel.

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Public Types

typedef ::RTT::Corba::BufferChannel _stub_type

Public Member Functions

 RTT_Corba_BufferChannel_i (RTT::BufferBase::shared_ptr buf)
virtual CORBA::Boolean push (const ::CORBA::Any &data) ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual CORBA::Boolean pull (::CORBA::Any_out data) ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual ::CORBA::Any_ptr front () ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual CORBA::Boolean full () ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual CORBA::Boolean empty () ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual CORBA::Long capacity () ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual CORBA::Long size () ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual void clear () ACE_THROW_SPEC((CORBA
virtual ::CORBA::Boolean _is_a (const char *logical_type_id)
virtual void _dispatch (TAO_ServerRequest &req, void *servant_upcall)
::RTT::Corba::BufferChannel * _this (void)
virtual const char * _interface_repository_id (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void _is_a_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &req, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void _non_existent_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &req, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void _interface_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &req, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void _component_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &req, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void _repository_id_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &req, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void push_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void pull_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void front_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void full_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void empty_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void capacity_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void size_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)
static void clear_skel (TAO_ServerRequest &server_request, void *servant_upcall, void *servant)

Detailed Description

class RTT_Corba_BufferChannel_i< RTT::detail::UnknownType >

Specialise for when we really don't know this C++ type.

Definition at line 205 of file DataFlowI.h.

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