RTT::detail::EventHookBase Struct Reference

Create end-user event handles. More...

#include <rtt/EventHook.hpp>

Inherited by RTT::detail::EventHook0< EventT >, RTT::detail::EventHook1< EventT >, RTT::detail::EventHook2< EventT >, and RTT::detail::EventHook3< EventT >.

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Public Member Functions

Handle setupSyn (boost::function< void(void)> sfunc)
Handle setupAsyn (boost::function< void(void)> afunc, EventProcessor *t, EventProcessor::AsynStorageType s_type)

Protected Member Functions

virtual Handle msetupSyn ()=0
virtual Handle msetupAsyn (EventProcessor *t, EventProcessor::AsynStorageType s_type)=0

Protected Attributes

boost::function< void(void)> mfunc

Detailed Description

Create end-user event handles.

An EventHook is dedicated to 1 Event with 1 SYN and/or ASYN event receptors. When the connection object is destroyed, this hook is destroyed. A smart pointer trick makes sure that connection will clean us up during its destruction.

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