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RTT::base::PropertyBagVisitor Class Reference

A simple introspection interface to visit PropertyBags. More...

#include <rtt/base/PropertyBagVisitor.hpp>

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RTT::base::PropertyIntrospection RTT::marsh::PropertyBagIntrospector RTT::marsh::CPFMarshaller< std::ostream > RTT::marsh::XMLRPCMarshaller< output_stream >

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Public Member Functions

virtual void introspect (PropertyBase *p)=0
 Callback for a Property which is not a PropertyBag.
virtual void introspect (Property< PropertyBag > &p)=0
 Callback for a Property which is a PropertyBag.

Protected Member Functions

bool introspectAndDecompose (PropertyBase *t)
 The default handler to execute when an unknown type is being decomposed.

Detailed Description

A simple introspection interface to visit PropertyBags.

A class which implements this interface can call bag.identify( this );. For each property, introspect(PropertyBase* p) is called, unless the property contains a bag, then introspect(Property<PropertyBag>& p) is called, upon which you may call identify again on it's value(). The marshallers use this technique.

See also:
PropertyIntrospection to have a detailed type lookup of a property.
DO NOT USE. Will be removed in 2.x release series.

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