Directories and namespace rework

The orocos/src directory reflects the /usr/include/rtt directory structure, I'll post it here from the user's point of view, so what she finds in the include dir:

Abbrevs: (N)BC: (No) Backwards Compatibility guaranteed between 2.x.0 and 2.y.0. Backwards compatibility is always guaranteed between 2.x.y and 2.x.z. In case of NBC, a class might disappear or change, as long as it is not a base class of a BC qualified class.

Directory Namespace BC/NBC Comments Header File list
rtt/*.hpp RTT BC Public API: maintains BC, a limited set of classes and interfaces. This is the most important list to get right. A header not listed in here goes into one of the subdirectories. Please add/complete/remove. TaskContext.hpp Activity.hpp SequentialActivity.hpp SlaveActivity.hpp DataPort.hpp BufferPort.hpp Method.hpp Command.hpp Event.hpp Property.hpp PropertyBag.hpp Attribute.hpp Time.hpp Timer.hpp Logger.hpp
rtt/plugin/*.hpp RTT::plugin BC All plugin creation and loading stuff. Plugin.hpp
rtt/types/*.hpp RTT::types BC All type system stuff (depends partially on plugin). Everything you (or a tool) need(s) to add your own types to the RTT. Toolkit.hpp ToolkitPlugin.hpp Types.hpp TypeInfo.hpp TypeInfoName.hpp TypeStream.hpp TypeStream-io.hpp VectorComposition.hpp TemplateTypeInfo.hpp Operators.hpp OperatorTypes.hpp BuildType.hpp
rtt/interface/*.hpp RTT::interface BC Most interfaces/base classes used by classes in the RTT namespace. ActionInterface.hpp, ActivityInterface.hpp, OperationInterface.hpp, PortInterface.hpp, RunnableInterface.hpp, BufferInterface.hpp
rtt/internal/*.hpp RTT::internal NBC Supportive classes that don't fit another category but are definately not for users to use directly. ExecutionEngine.hpp CommandProcessor.hpp DataSource*.hpp Command*.hpp Buffer*.hpp Function*.hpp *Factory*.hpp Condition*.hpp Local*.hpp EventC.hpp MethodC.hpp CommandC.hpp
rtt/scripting/*.hpp RTT::scripting NBC Users should not include these directly.
rtt/extras/*.hpp RTT::extras BC Alternative implementations of certain interfaces in the RTT namespace. May contain stuff useful for embedded or other specific use cases.
rtt/dev/*.hpp RTT::dev BC Minimal Device Interface, As-is in RTT 1.x AnalogInInterface.hpp AnalogOutInterface.hpp AxisInterface.hpp DeviceInterface.hpp DigitalInput.hpp DigitalOutput.hpp EncoderInterface.hpp PulseTrainGeneratorInterface.hpp AnalogInput.hpp AnalogOutput.hpp CalibrationInterface.hpp DigitalInInterface.hpp DigitalOutInterface.hpp DriveInterface.hpp HomingInterface.hpp SensorInterface.hpp
rtt/corba/*.hpp RTT::corba BC CORBA transport files. Users include some headers, some not. Should this also have the separation between rtt/corba and rtt/corba/internal ? I would rename the IDL modules to RTT::corbaidl in order to clear out compiler/doxygen confusion. Also note that current 1.x namespace is RTT::Corba.
rtt/property/*.hpp RTT::property BC Formerly 'rtt/marsh'. Marshalling and loading classes for properties. CPFDemarshaller.hpp CPFDTD.hpp CPFMarshaller.hpp
rtt/dlib/*.hpp RTT::dlib BC As-is static distribution library files. They are actually a form of 'extras'. Maybe they belong in there... DLibCommand.hpp
rtt/boost/*.hpp boost ? We'll try to get rid of this in 2.x
rtt/os/*.hpp RTT::OS BC As-is. (Rename to RTT::os ?) Atomic.hpp fosi_internal_interface.hpp MutexLock.hpp rt_list.hpp StartStopManager.hpp threads.hpp CAS.hpp MainThread.hpp oro_allocator.hpp rtconversions.hpp rtstreambufs.hpp Semaphore.hpp Thread.hpp Time.hpp fosi_internal.hpp Mutex.hpp OS.hpp rtctype.hpp rtstreams.hpp ThreadInterface.hpp
rtt/targets/* - BC We need this for allowing to install multiple -dev versions (-gnulinux+-xenomai for example) in the same directory. rtt-target.h <target>

Will go: 'rtt/impl' and 'rtt/boost'.

Open question to be answered: Interfaces like ActivityInterface, PortInterface, RunnableInterface etc. -> Do they go into rtt/, rtt/internal or maybe rtt/interface ?

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