Compiling the RTT on Windows/cygwin

This page describes all steps you need to take in order to compile the real-time toolkit on a Windows machine. We rely on the Cygwin libraries and tools to accomplish this. Visual Studio or mingw32 are as of this writing not yet supported. Also CORBA is not yet ported.

Download and install Cygwin

You can get it from and use the setup.exe script. Make sure you additionally install:
  • From 'Devel': binutils, boost, boost-devel, cmake, cppunit, gcc4-g++, libncurses-devel, make, readline, subversion

Download, install and patch RTT

The official RTT release does not yet include cygwin support. You need to download the RTT 1.6 sources in your cygwin environment and apply the patch in attachment:
 cd orocos-rtt; patch -p1 < orocos-rtt-cygwin.patch
The patch can be found here:

Build RTT

Create a build directory in the orocos-rtt directory (mkdir build) and run:
 cmake .. -DBOOST=/usr/include/boost-1_33_1
This is a slow process. If you have multiple CPU cores, use 'make -j2' or -jN with N cores. In case you want to change more option, type 'ccmake ..' between the cmake and make commands.

Set your PATH

Cygwin relies on the PATH environment variable to locate the Orocos DLL's. From your build directory, type:
 export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/src

Test your setup

Next test your setup with a 'make check' (add -jN). No more than 2 tests should fail, all related to timing.

Install your setup

Do 'make install'. The RTT will by default be installed in /usr/local. You don't need to add the /usr/local/lib directory to your PATH.