Using Git and Orocos

Getting started with git

For a very good git introduction, see Using git without feeling stupid part 1 and part 2 !

It's a 10 minutes read which really pays off.

You can use Eclipse Using Eclipse And Orocos or plain git (on Linux) or TortoiseGit (on Windows).

SVN users can use this reference for learning the first commands:

Cloning the repository

The git repositories of the Orocos Toolchain (v2.x only) are located at .

Check out the rtt or ocl repositories and submit patches by using

 git clone git://
 cd orocos-rtt
...hack hack hack on master branch...
 git add <changed files>
 git commit
... repeat ...


 git format-patch origin/master
And send out the resulting patch(es).

If origin/master moved forward, then do

 git fetch origin/master
 git rebase origin/master
Fetch copies the remote changes to your local repository, but doesn't update your current branch. rebase first removes your patches, the applies the fetched patches and then re-applies your personal patches on the fetched changes. In case of conflicts, see the tutorial on top of this page or man git-rebase