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There are two major changes required in the CORBA IDL interface.

  1. A new interface for attaching callbacks to events in the component
  2. A rewrite of the
    1. DataFlowInterface,
    2. MethodInterface,
    3. CommandInterface / MessageInterface.

The first point will be relatively straight forward, as events attach methods and messages, which will be represented in the CORBA interface as well.

The DataFlowInterface will be adapted to reflect the rework on the new Data flow api. Much will depend on the out-of-band or through-CORBA nature of the data flow.

The MethodInterface should no longer work with 'session' objects, and all calls are related to the main interface, such that a method object can be freed after invocation.

The CommandInterface might be removed, in case it can be 'reconstructed' from lower level primitives. A MessageInterface will replace it which allows to send messages, analogous to the exiting MethodInterface.

The 'ControlTask' interface will remain mostly as is, extended with events() and messages().