autoproj v1.8.0 and autobuild v1.6.0 have been released !

The major feature added to this new releases is parallel build across
packages. If building with 8 jobs, one can now have 3 in a CMake package
and 5 in another. autobuild plugs itself into GNU make's jobserver
mechanism, so this balancing is dynamic. See NOTES FOR PACKAGE SET
MAINTAINERS after the changelog for some important info.

* be compatible with Ruby 1.9.3
* fixed minor issues when a package name is a substring of another
(e.g. my/package and my/package_handler)

Due to the extension of parallelism across packages, testing is needed
for people that do some trickery in their autobuild files. In particular:
- the use of Dir.chdir is forbidden in package handlers. Can be used
in its block form (Dir.chdir { }) in the toplevel autobuild code,
though. If you want to call a subcommand in another directory, use
the new :working_directory option to
- progress reporting has significantly changed.