CORBA and last written value bit of output port

Hi all

I was wondering: is it possible to set the keep_last_written_value bit to true for remote outputports over CORBA? I looked into the code of RemoteOutputPort, and under the function keepLastWrittenValue(bool flag), the run-time error "OutputPort::keepLastWrittenValue() is not supported in CORBA port proxies" is thrown. So apparently it is not possible...

Does this mean that a setDataSample(), called on the remote device, will have no affect for connections with the local device?

And does this mean that reporting on the local device of a remote outputport over CORBA, will not work for ports of datatype eg. vector<T>, until some data is written on this port. With 'not work' I mean, it will not add these ports to the header of the reporting file (eg. reporting with kst: the remote vector ports are not available). This is in fact what I am encountering.

Thank you! Ruben