[Fwd: Add Eigen::VectorXd property]

Dear All,
I'm trying to add an Eigen::VectorXd property to my component. I
successfully compiled the component as well as the eigen_typekit
from here http://git.mech.kuleuven.be/robotics/itasc_core.git.
When I try to deploy I get the following error:

0.525 [ ERROR ][PropertyLoader:configure] The type 'eigen_vector' did not
provide a type composition function, but I need one to compose it from a
0.525 [ ERROR ][DeploymentComponent::configureComponents] Failed to
configure properties for component incrLearning
0.525 [ ERROR ][Logger] Failed to configure a component: aborting

Can you please help me to fix this problem?


Matteo Saveriano

Matteo Saveriano