Orocos RTT and Willow Garage ROS integrated...

At Orocos RTT and ROS integrated you can see two Orocos developers (Ruben and Wim) hard at work... :-)

PR2 and OrocosPR2 and Orocos

"This video shows the integration between the ROS and the Orocos Real Time Toolkit (RTT), which was done by Orocos developer Ruben Smits during a month-long visit to Willow Garage. Ruben became a vital member of our Milestone 2 team and still managed to have time to build this great, seamless integration. While ROS has good support for distributing components over the network, RTT offers hard realtime communication between components. This demo combines the best of both worlds: the realtime low level control is handled by a set of RTT components that directly control the the PR2 robot hardware, but the communication between the controllers is visible to the whole ROS network. The integration makes the RTT components appear as ROS components, without breaking the realtime communication between the RTT components. This allows RTT developers to use tools developed for ROS, such as rviz and rxplot, to visualize the communication between controllers."

Ruben also worked hard last month towards integrating the ROS arm dynamics software into Orocos/KDL. For more information, see also the RTT ROS integration wiki.