youbot stack v0.3


I just pushed a new version of the youbot stack [1]. This is a major
overhaul that fixes numerous issues, supports the newest firmware 1.48
and vastly improves error handling.

The inverse dynamics component now also (optionally) supports taking
the base into account.

I remerged the different dev* branches with master, that now contains
the newest version. I'm pretty certain nobody was using the old
master, as that was truely ancient.

NOTE: this version will break existing applications due to various
renaming I deemed inevitable! If you are happy with the latest
development snapshot (aka the "research camp 3" version) you can get
it by checking out the state tagged with the "rc3" tag. However it is
strongly recommended to update the firmware to the latest version as
it fixes a serious issue (consequently you also have to update the
driver component).

Anyway, I'm not aware of anyone but ourselves who uses this fine
component, so I'm going to continue the wild refactoring until
somebody shouts :-)

Best regards