Problems compiling OCL (correction)

On Wednesday 21 January 2009 20:51:48 Felipe Brandão Cavalcanti wrote:
> The output with VERBOSE=1 is at the end of the message.
> I guess you are right - the library that it can't find seems to be
> libreadline (I glanced at the "rl" prefixes and got them mixed up with "rt"
> prefixes, which would point to xenomai), as it is not available in my
> cross-compiling environment (but it is in my main instalation - I guess
> thats where cmake is finding it). I will install it and see what happens.

Ignore my previous post... corrected version below:

If you run from your build directory:

cmake .. -DNO_GPL=ON

And then recompile again, it will build the taskbrowser without readline
support. This takes away a big functionality from the taskbrowser, but at
least you can check if you can run an application and if any other problems
are holding you back.