RTT 1.x Manuals

Manuals and Source Code Documentation for RTT versions 1.x

Look here for RTT 2.x documentation: Toolchain 2.x reference manuals
"What is Orocos?" ( pdf )
Summary text about what the Orocos Project is and how the Real-Time Toolkit supports it.
Getting Started with the Real-Time Toolkit ( pdf )
The installation manual.
The Component Builder's Manual ( pdf )
This manual introduces the Orocos application independent hard real-time Component Model and the hardware interfaces.
The Orocos RTT Developer's Manual ( pdf )
This manual explains the internals of the RTT: Threads, OS abstraction and internals of the framework.
The Orocos RTT FAQ
A collection of general and software specific questions.
RTT Online API Reference
Here you can find the automatically generated Class reference.