deploying from a script file not working

On Master branch (on Debian Wheezy), doing

deployer -s script.ops -linfo

seems to hang. Using helloworld.ops, as described in section 2.2 of the
component builders manual

(Incidentally, every line in helloworld.ops needs to be terminated with
; else the deployer grumbles..)

gives something like


$ sagar@maya:~/excludes/orocos-playground/kaa$ deployer -s
helloworld.ops -linfo
<big bunch of output>
0.073 [ Info ][Logger] Loading Service or Plugin scripting in
TaskContext Deployer
0.075 [ Info ][Logger] Found complete interface of requested service
0.075 [ Info ][Logger] Running Script helloworld.ops ...


and then nothing happens.. the deployer prompt does not appear and the
process needs to be killed with Ctrl+C. Running with -ldebug does not
provide any additional relevant info on the screen, or in orocos.log

Can someone verify this behavior?

This does not happen on the toolchain-2.5 installation on ubuntu 10.04.