AnalogEtherCATOutputDevice Struct Reference

A test class which replaces a real device driver. More...

#include <AnalogEtherCATOutputDevice.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AnalogEtherCATOutputDevice (unsigned char *startaddress, unsigned int channels=2, unsigned int bin_range=32676, double lowest=0, double highest=10)
virtual void rangeSet (unsigned int, unsigned int)
virtual void arefSet (unsigned int, unsigned int)
virtual unsigned int nbOfChannels () const
virtual int rawWrite (unsigned int chan, unsigned int value)
virtual int write (unsigned int chan, double value)
virtual int rawRead (unsigned int chan, unsigned int &value)
virtual int read (unsigned int chan, double &value)
virtual unsigned int binaryRange () const
virtual unsigned int binaryLowest () const
virtual unsigned int binaryHighest () const
virtual double lowest (unsigned int) const
virtual double highest (unsigned int) const
virtual double resolution (unsigned int) const

Public Attributes

unsigned char * mstartaddress
unsigned int nbofchans
double * mchannels
unsigned int mbin_range
double mlowest
double mhighest

Detailed Description

A test class which replaces a real device driver.

It reproduces on the output what it gets on the input.

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