Orocos Real-Time Toolkit  2.6.0
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RTT::os::basic_iostreams Class Reference

An IO stream based on strings. More...

#include <rtt/os/rtstreams.hpp>

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RTT::os::basic_istreams RTT::os::basic_ostreams RTT::os::basic_streams RTT::os::basic_streams RTT::os::stringstreams

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Public Types

typedef streambufs::streamsize streamsize
typedef streambufs::streamsize streamsize

Public Member Functions

 basic_iostreams (streambufs &s)
int get ()
basic_istreamsget (char &c)
basic_istreamsget (char *c, streamsize n, char delim)
basic_istreamsget (char *c, char delim)
basic_istreamsread (char *c, streamsize n)
streamsize readsome (char *c, streamsize n)
basic_istreamsoperator>> (int &i)
basic_istreamsoperator>> (char &c)
basic_istreamsoperator>> (double &f)
basic_istreamsoperator>> (std::string &s)
basic_istreamsoperator>> (unsigned int &u)
virtual basic_ostreamsput (char c)
virtual basic_ostreamswrite (const char *c, streamsize n)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (int i)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (long i)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (char c)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (char *c)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (double f)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (std::string s)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (unsigned int u)
basic_ostreamsoperator<< (basic_ostreams &(*f)(basic_ostreams &))

Detailed Description

An IO stream based on strings.

Definition at line 184 of file rtstreams.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

basic_ostreams & RTT::os::basic_ostreams::operator<< ( int  i) [inherited]


These can not be virtual, so each one calls the appropriate read or write method defined above.

Definition at line 115 of file rtstreams.cpp.

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