Get Component Information Without deployer

Hi All,

Is there is any way to get some information about the installed component such as: - Ports, (Name, Type{Input(Event), Output}, DataType{int, string,..etc}) - Properties, (Name, Datatype, DefaultValue) - Available Operations & Services

I need to get a List of the installed component on my System and the above information about each one. I could write a script to get all the installed component from the RTT_COMPONENT_PATH then running another script using the marchalling services to get all the cpf to know All the Properties (Name, DataType, DefaultValue). But I can not get the Ports, Operations, and Service.

I will write another more scripts to do that, but I want to ask if there is such information can be provided using XML or Description from OROCOS will make it easy for me.

Thanks Aladdin