how to send operation in c++

In the builder's manual, it says you can call a OperationCaller's send method in c++ to send the operation.

To setup a OperationCaller object, you need a pointer to a TaskContext object, for example using the 'getPeer()' class function. Then you provide the name with which the operation was registered during 'addOperation':

  // create a method:
  TaskContext* a_task_ptr = getPeer("ATask");
  OperationCaller<void(void)> my_reset_meth 
       = a_task_ptr->getOperation("reset"); // void reset(void)

  // Call 'reset' of a_task:
If you wanted to send the same reset operation, you had written:

  // Send 'reset' of a_task:
  SendHandle<void(void)> handle = reset_meth.send();  
A send() always returns a SendHandle object which offers three methods: collect(), collectIfDone() and ret(). All three come in two forms: with arguments or without arguments. The form without arguments can be used if you are only interested in the return values of these functions. collect() and collectIfDone() return a SendStatus, ret() returns the return value of the operation. SendStatus is an enum of SendSuccess, SendNotReady or SendFailure.

But I don't see "send" in the OperationCaller's API Doc. Therefore, I can't compile the code. Why? So, what's the way of doing non-blocking operation call now? Thanks very much.

I'm using orocos_toolchain + rtt_ros_integration in ros hydro.

how to send operation in

I think I made some stupid mistake and now I know what's going on. Now, it's working....

how to send operation in

Sorry for the mess blank... I just copy paste the manual..