OrocosComponentLibrary  2.7.0
RealCommand Member List
This is the complete list of members for RealCommand, including all inherited members.
_maxargs (defined in RealCommand)RealCommand [protected]
_minargs (defined in RealCommand)RealCommand [protected]
_name (defined in Command)Command [protected]
_parent (defined in RealCommand)RealCommand [protected]
_syntax (defined in RealCommand)RealCommand [protected]
Command(std::string name) (defined in Command)Command
correctSyntax(unsigned int argc, std::string *args)RealCommand [virtual]
execute(int argc, std::string *args)RealCommand
find(const std::vector< Command * > &cmds, const std::string &cmp)Command [static]
getName() const Command
getRealCommand(const std::vector< Command * > &cmds) const RealCommand [virtual]
getSyntax() const RealCommand
is(std::string &cmd) const (defined in Command)Command [virtual]
maincode(int argc, std::string *args)=0RealCommand [protected, pure virtual]
operator!=(const std::string &cmp) const (defined in Command)Command
operator<(const Command &cmp) const (defined in Command)Command
operator==(const std::string &cmp) const Command
RealCommand(std::string name, TcpReportingInterpreter *parent, unsigned int minargs=0, unsigned int maxargs=0, const char *syntax=0) (defined in RealCommand)RealCommand
sendError102() const RealCommand [protected]
sendOK() const RealCommand [protected]
socket() const RealCommand [inline, protected]
toupper(std::string *args, int index) const RealCommand [protected]
toupper(std::string *args, int start, int stop) const RealCommand [protected]
~Command() (defined in Command)Command [virtual]
~RealCommand() (defined in RealCommand)RealCommand [virtual]