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TableHeaderMarshaller< o_stream > Class Template Reference

A marsh::MarshallInterface for generating headers of tables. More...

#include <TableHeaderMarshaller.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef o_stream output_stream
typedef o_stream OutputStream

Public Member Functions

 TableHeaderMarshaller (output_stream &os)
virtual void serialize (base::PropertyBase *v)
virtual void serialize (const PropertyBag &v)
int store (const std::string &s)
virtual void serialize (const Property< PropertyBag > &v)
virtual void flush ()

Detailed Description

template<typename o_stream>
class RTT::TableHeaderMarshaller< o_stream >

A marsh::MarshallInterface for generating headers of tables.

It is used in conjunction with TableMarshaller and generates a header for the following numbers.

: build a tree for formatting and print all on flush().

Definition at line 55 of file TableHeaderMarshaller.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void serialize ( const Property< PropertyBag > &  v) [inline, virtual]

Serializing a propery<bag> : pad the line below with spaces.

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Serialize all properties on the line below.

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Definition at line 131 of file TableHeaderMarshaller.hpp.

References TableHeaderMarshaller< o_stream >::store().

int store ( const std::string &  s) [inline]
the number of characters on this line.

Definition at line 119 of file TableHeaderMarshaller.hpp.

Referenced by TableHeaderMarshaller< o_stream >::serialize().

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