Task Context Interface
[Component Model]

The TaskContext can be 'decorated' with a number of interface classes. More...


class  RTT::BufferPort< T >
 A Port to a read-write Buffer. More...
class  RTT::Command< CommandT >
 A Command is a function which can be sent to a task for execution and be queried for its execution status. More...
class  RTT::DataPort< T >
 A data port which can be used as a reader and as a writer. More...
class  RTT::Event< SignatureT >
 The Orocos Event is a thread-safe publish-subscribe implementation and provides synchronous and asynchronous callback handling. More...
class  RTT::Method< FunctionT >
 A method which executes a function. More...
class  RTT::Property< T >
 A property represents a named value of any type with a description. More...


 Command Interface

Asynchronous command sending.

 Event Interface.

Events (publish/subscribe) allow callback functions to be executed synchronously (in the same thread) or asynchronously (in a separate thread).

 Method Interface

Invoking synchronous methods.

 Data Transfer Ports

The data flow between components is realised by Ports which are connected.

 Property Interface

Properties can be hierarchically stored and be introspected for their type and contents.

Detailed Description

The TaskContext can be 'decorated' with a number of interface classes.

Each interface class serves a specific type of communication in a control application. Being it configuration, data communication or execution of functionality.

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