OrocosComponentLibrary  2.7.0
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Datasender Class Reference

This class manages the connection with one single client. More...

#include <datasender.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Datasender (RTT::SocketMarshaller *marshaller, Socket *os)
bool isValid () const
 Returns true if the connection of the datasender is valid, false otherwise.
void setLimit (unsigned long long newlimit)
 Only frames up to frame <newlimit> will be processed.
void serialize (const PropertyBag &v)
 Send data to the client.
RTT::SocketMarshallergetMarshaller () const
 Return the marshaller.
bool addSubscription (const std::string name)
bool removeSubscription (const std::string &name)
void listSubscriptions ()
 Write a list of the current subscriptions to the socket.
SocketgetSocket () const
 Get socket associated with this datasender.
virtual void loop ()
 Data connection main loop.
virtual bool breakloop ()
 Try to finish this thread.
void silence (bool newstate)
 Disable/enable output of data.
void remove ()
 Remove this connection.

Detailed Description

This class manages the connection with one single client.

It is responsible for sending data to the client and managing the state of the client.

It has a thread responsible for reading data from the socket.

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