Motion control and planning links

  1. LinuxCNC (formally known as EMC, Enhanced Machine Controller). The project has developed already a lot of functionality, targeted at machine tools hobbyists. Axis is a graphical programming interface on top of EMC, for traditional G-code based milling.
  2. The NIST RS274NGC Interpreter, a C++ library and language specification for a G-code "dialect".
  3. Motion Strategy Library: "allows easy development and testing of motion planning algorithms for a wide variety of applications."
  4. OSACA: “Open System Architecture for Controls within Automation Systems. OSACA is a joint European project which aims to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturers of machine tools and control systems in the world market. The main goal of the project is to specify a system architecture for open control systems which is manufacturer independent.”
  5. Open Modular Architecture Controls (OMAC): “The OMAC API charter is to develop a specification that defines an intelligent closed loop controller environment to support open architecture concepts including application portability at the source level, interoperability of modules, and extensibility of controller functionality. It is intended for system integrators and applications software developers.”
  6. Open Automaton Project. "The purpose of this project is to engineer modular software and electronic components, from which it is possible to assemble an intelligent PC-based mobile robot suitable for home or office environments."
  7. OpenMASK (Modular Animation and Simulation Kit) is a platform for the development and execution of modular motion generation in the fields of animation, simulation and virtual reality.