Related Projects

Many robotics libraries exists. Add your favourite to this category.

Miscellaneous links

  1. darwin2k: Darwin2K is a free, open-source toolkit for robot simulation and automated design. It features numerous simulation capabilities and an evolutionary algorithm capable of automatically synthesizing and optimizing robot designs to meet task-specific performance objectives.
  2. VXL. (formerly named "TargetJr"): initiative for vision research, similar to Orocos in the sense that it is (nothing more than) a set of libraries with

Geometry - Visualization links

  1. Blender, a very advanced 3D computer animation package. MakeHuman is a plug-in for Blender, to model and move human figures.
  2. SOLID is a software library for collision detection of geometric objects in 3D space.

Graphs - FSM - Component diagrams links

  1. FlowDesigner (was previously named Overflow), C++ framework for graphical building of components. It has a robotics component, RobotFlow. In the same set of projects, Marie is the newest, working towards ACE + CORBA as platform.
  2. boost::fsm,

Communication - Distribution links

  1. CORBA is not a software implementation, but a specification. Several Open Source implementations exist; GNOME uses ORBit; another one (more extended, but with larger memory requirements and slower execution) is TAO.

Bayes links

  1. Open Bayes for Python is a free and open source Bayesian Network library.
  2. Software for Probabilistic Analysis, Storage, and Manipulation (SPASM) s a templatised C++ library for the storage and manipulation of a variety of probabilistic representations. Represenationtations currently considered are: Gaussian, Gaussian Mixtures, Parzen density Estimates, Particles and Discrete grids.
  3. Deal, (Learning

Physics links

  1. Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), DynaMechs, EasyDyn, MBDyn: libraries and programs for simulation of multibody dynamics. MBDyn also has a realtime sub-project here.
  2. mjbWorld is a program for 3D simulation of dynamics.

Computation links

  1. Octave and Scilab (tried to make a GPL-like license, but didn't really succeed...), both built on top of the original FORTRAN code (through some C and C++ wrappers) from Netlib (public domain). (Netlib is where most other matrix libraries, including Matlab, got their inspiration too.)
  2. Matrix and Quaternion FAQ, with lots of useful facts and algorithms for

Motion control and planning links

  1. LinuxCNC (formally known as EMC, Enhanced Machine Controller). The project has developed already a lot of functionality, targeted at machine tools hobbyists. Axis is a graphical programming interface on top of EMC, for traditional G-code based milling.
  2. The NIST RS274NGC Interpreter, a C++ library and language specification for a G-code "dialect".

Real-time control and data acquisition links

  1. RTAI, Xenomai, RT-Linux/GPL, Ecos, RTEMS, Ethernut. The latter three are non-Linux operation systems, targeted at small footprint embedded systems (e.g., without memory management unit, TCP/IP stack or file system); Ethernut is even meant for 8bit computers.
  2. Some control toolbox environments for Linux:

Biomechanics links

  1. BodyMech, a GPL-licensed set of Matlab files for the 3D kinematic analysis of motion capture data.