Geometry - Visualization

Blender-OROCOS robot control

The result of a master thesis: connecting Blender with OROCOS to execute milling tasks.

The demo was filmed by the students with a small camera. Sorry for the shaking at times !

Constraint-based motion specification application using two robots

The ACM research group of the K.U.Leuven used Orocos Real-Time Toolkit as framework for an involved robotics application as well as Orocos Bayesian filtering library and Kinematics and Dynamics Library as detailed in this paper.
The experiment consists of a complex task—“human-aware task execution”—involving two robot arms, five PCs interconnected by ethernet, and half a dozen or so sensors.

Geometry - Visualization links

  1. Blender, a very advanced 3D computer animation package. MakeHuman is a plug-in for Blender, to model and move human figures.
  2. SOLID is a software library for collision detection of geometric objects in 3D space.