Contribute! Which weakness have you detected in RTT?


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A) According to the section 4. of the Orocos Component Builder's Manual, the callback of a synchronous event is executed inside the thread of the event's emitter. Imagine that TaskA emits an event, and TaskB, who subscribes synchronously to it, has an handle with a infinite loop: the behavior of TaskA would be jeopardize. Keep in mind that:
  • TaskA hasn't any clue to know what will happen inside the callback of TaskB.
  • It can't prevent TaskB from connecting synchronously.
  • Once blocked, there is nothing it can do.

B) What would happen if a TaskContext is attached to a PeriodicActivity, but internally it was designed to run as a NonPeriodicActivity. What would happen if a sensor with a refresh rate of 10 Hz is read from a Component deployed at 1000 Hz? May be the Activity of the TC should be defined by the TC itself, even if this would mean to have it is hard-coded in the TC.
C) Because of single thread serialization, we can have that a sleep in 1 Task, affect other tasks which are not aware and are not responsible of it. See the source code in the sub page.