Detailed Roadmap

These pages outline the roadmap for RTT-2.0 in 2009. We aim to have a release candidate by december 2009, with the release following in januari 2010.

  • A work package is divided in tasks with deliverables.
  • All deliverables are public and are made public without delay.
  • All development is done in git repositories.
  • For each change committed to the local git repository, that change is committed to a public repository hosted at within 24 hours.
  • For each task and at the end of each work package, all unit tests are expected to pass. In case additional unit tests are required for a work package, these are listed explicitly as deliverables.
  • The order of execution of tasks within a work package is suggestive and may differ from the actual order.
  • In case a task modifies the RTT API or structure, the task's deliverable implicitly includes the adaption to aforementioned modifications of following parts of OCL: CMake Build system; directories: taskbrowser, deployment, ocl, hardware, reporting, helloworld, timer, doc, debian.
  • These changes are collected in the ocl-2.0 git repository.
  • When the form of a deliverable is 'Patch set', this is equivalent to one or more commits on the public git repository.