Create Reference Application Architectures

In order to lower the learning curve, people are requesting often complete application examples which demonstrate well known application architectures such as kinematic robot control, application configuration from a central database or topic based data flow topologies.

1 Central Property Service (ROS like) This tasks sets up components such that they get the system wide configuration from a dedicated property server. The property server loads an XML file with all the values and other components query these values. Advanced components even extend the property server at places. A GUI is not included in this work package.

2 Universal Robot Controller (Using KDL, OCL, standard components) This application has a robot component to represent the robot hardware, a controller for joint space and cartesian space and a path planner. Users can start from this reference application to control their own robotic platform. A GUI is not included in this work package.

3 Topic based data flow (ROS and CORBA EventService like) A deployer can configure components as such that their ports are connected to 'global' topics for sending and receiving. This is similar to what many existing frameworks do today and may demonstrate how compatibility with these frameworks can be accomplished.

4 GUI communication with Orocos How a remote GUI could connect to a running application.

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